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The criminal appeals process in California has various stages, deadlines and is very procedurally oriented. While this system can be complex, with the right type of legal representation the end result could be in your favor. At Ahrony, Graham, & Zucker LLP, we offer extensive experience handling post-conviction appeals and all related matters. We take a comprehensive approach to walking our clients through the legal process, including taking time to explain what legal options are available for the appellate process.

Writ of Habeas Corpus

If you have been convicted of a crime and have tried and failed to overturn your conviction on appeal, you may think that this means you have no choice but to accept your conviction and serve your sentence. However, that's not true...Read More



Proposition 47

Effective November 5, 2014, proposition 47’s main purpose is to reduce certain non-violent and non-serious felonious crimes to just misdemeanors. This proposition can be beneficial to past, present, and future offenders of certain felonies...Read More


SB 260 - SB 261

Senate Bill (SB) 260 In many states, young offenders can be tried as adults for certain crimes and sentenced to extremely long or even life sentences for crimes committed as young as 14. In 2013, California passed a law changing these child sentencing practices. ...Read More

Criminal Appeals

Appeals offer convicted defendants an opportunity to have a higher court review the process that lead to conviction in order to ensure that this process was fair to the defendant and handled in accordance with State and Federal Constitutional protections...Read More


Prisoners Rights

California’s prison system is in serious trouble. Underfunded, overcrowded, and poorly managed, many prisoners face horrendous conditions of confinement....Read More


Recent changes in California law provide an opportunity for those who have been convicted of a crime to have their sentence reduced or even eliminated....Read More


Parole Suitability Hearing

Parole is a period of supervision that follows an individual after their release from prison. Most inmates will automatically be released to parole after finishing their “determinate” sentence.....Read More


Individuals with criminal convictions often have difficulty finding stable employment. Modern information services make it relatively easy for employers, professional licensing organizations, and other groups to lookup the criminal history of any applicant.....Read More


Certification Of Rehabilitation

In California, a Certificate of Rehabilitation is a statement from the court that you have successfully moved on with your life and are now an upstanding and law abiding member of society. .....Read More