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Prisoners Rights

Protecting Your Rights!

California’s prison system is in serious trouble. Underfunded, overcrowded, and poorly managed, many prisoners face horrendous conditions of confinement. While many people might not realize it, prisoners still have certain rights guaranteed by both the California State and United States Constitutions. Prohibitions against cruel and unusual punishments, guarantees of health and mental medical care, protections for religious beliefs and basic guaranteed standards of safety are all required by law. Unfortunately, far too many prisoners are abused within our prison institutions through a denial of these basic rights. If you face unreasonable or abusive prison conditions, you have options. Writs of Habeas Corpus, Criminal Appeals, and Administrative Hearings all have the potential to protect or reinstate your basic rights. In fact, protecting these post-conviction rights is our specialty.

If you have suffered guard violence, attacks by other inmates, a denial of the basic needs of life such as food, water, sleep, or access to necessary medical care, or have had your religious rights unreasonably restricted; please don't hesitate to contact us today for a consultation.